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Due to a lack of sports or school, many teenagers have become sorrowful and anxious. They spend the entire day in their bedrooms, rather than releasing their emotions and producing something creative using their emotions. Our personal, social, and intellectual life are all affected by this. As a young adolescent I discovered dance in 2020, It gave me the ability to express a wide range of emotions in a healthy and creative way, and it dramatically changed my life. ​ Seeing how much we struggle as teens with emotions, I'd like to spread the word about this technique, which is and was beneficial  psychologically and physically. I want to give back to the community by showing you a whole new universe of creative and healthy ways to express yourself.



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“The body says what words cannot.” — Martha Graham

I'm an 8th-grade ISZL student who has been given the task of developing a project that will both educate me and serve the community. I'm new to dance, but I've had so much enjoyment with it and it's helped me grow as a person psychologically that I've decided to make it my effort to inform and assist others. My dancing teacher taught me six choreographies from various genres to try out and learn new techniques in order to learn something new. I've improved my technique and general knowledge of dance throughout the past year of learning these different genres.

What Is Dance?

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Dance is a type of entertainment that benefits the performer both emotionally and cognitively. The term "dance" refers to bodily motions. Dance is frequently used to portray a story or to elicit emotional responses. In dancing, the performer expends a great deal of energy in order to express all of their feelings as well as any recent tension they may have been experiencing. Dance has numerous physical advantages, but many people are unaware that it also has significant mental advantages for the performer.